Frequently Asked Questions

These sessions are an interactive experience, and are like having a chat with an old friend. Someone who will be able to see you, hear you and help you move through things at your own pace. 

I will use Oracle cards and other spiritual connection tools during a session, but these are used as a complimentary experience and are not the main focus of the session. 

During the session I will place my hands either onto or slightly above specific areas of your body. You may feel tingling, heat, or butterflies. You may also feel nothing at all and that is ok.

Our session may also include prayer to Angels and Spirit, light massage, affirmation chanting and crystal healing work. 

Reiki is completely safe, and cannot cause you any harm. We will send out an information brochure before your session, and will also take the time to discuss your treatment before we begin. It’s our priority to ensure you feel comfortable and supported.  

No. Reiki can only be performed for the recipient’s highest good and will not work for negative energy.

An energetic protection prayer is said at the beginning of each session, to protect the recipient and practitioner.

Our clinic is flooded with crystal protection to ensure a harmonious and safe environment. We also believe in Karma – Whatever we request for our clients will be delivered back to us 7 fold.

No, every session will vary depending on your energetic needs on the day. Some sessions may feel more connected than others, and that is perfectly normal. It’s also important to note that sessions will vary between practitioners – whilst we all follow the principles of Reiki and honour the sacred practice, we will all add our style and signature to the healing treatment. 

There is not a ‘set’ number of treatments required and you can benefit from a single treatment session or regular sessions. 


Depending on your desired outcomes, as a general guide, I recommend sessions every 3-4 weeks if we are clearing big emotional or physical blockages.  For general maintenance, I would suggest 6-8 weeks, and for seasonal clearing 2-4 times per year.


However there is no set number, and often you will ‘just know’ when it’s the right time to book a session. 

We understand that sometimes the thought of the unknown can be daunting. 

Reiki and Energy healing is nothing to be feared and is a perfectly safe, and connected experience. At the beginning of our session we will conduct some spiritual protection rituals to ensure we are safe throughout our session. 

If you are still a bit worried, please reach out to me to discuss this. Perhaps a phone conversation can help to put your mind at ease, or we can also offer you the option to come in and have a look at the clinic before committing to a session. Sometimes seeing the space and meeting the practitioner can make all the difference. 

Please know that when you come to Harmony Lane you are in safe hands and a place of love, support and healing. 

Yes, absolutely. Reiki and spiritual healing is perfectly safe and non invasive and will not harm your baby in any way. It is actually a beautiful way for you to connect to your body prior to the arrival of your baby.

We ensure that any essential oils or crystals we use are pregnancy friendly, and we have extra pillows and supports to ensure you are comfortable.

Reiki is a wonderful complimentary practice that can assist you with physical and emotional conditions. Reiki can be used as a supportive method in your healing journey. 

However, Reiki is not a suitable replacement to professional Medical Advice, treatment, or medication. For serious medical conditions, please seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. 

We have cash, bank transfer and credit card facilities available. 

We run workshops throughout the year and release dates regularly via our webiste and our social media pages. 

If there is a particular class you are interested in, please reach out to me via our contact page to inquire. 

Do you have more questions?

Please reach out to us via our Contact Page and we'll get back to you shortly.