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Welcome to Harmony Lane. A place of healing, growth and transformation. A place of becoming, and of unbecoming. A place of love, nurture, and support. A place to simply be, to be and to be you. A place of home.

I have had a strong spiritual connection for as long as I can remember, and whilst I haven't always trusted my intuition or the power of the universe, I am thankful it has always trusted in me.

I believe that we choose our destiny, in the lifetimes that come before our now. We choose to come back to this earth in this lifetime, to fulfill our soul journey. Deep down I always knew that the life I was leading was not the one I was destined for.

After the birth of my first daughter in 2016, I hit rock bottom. A time of deep pain and sorrow, combined with the greatest love I had ever experienced, I knew I wanted better, because of her. So I began my journey of deep inner healing and self-discovery which encouraged me to face the experiences which had shaped me. Learning to acknowledge the wounds, heal the cracks, and finally give thanks to the beautiful mosaic soul I have been blessed with, I have learned to embrace a soul lead life, and place my wholehearted trust in the power of the universe. It's not been an easy journey, but it's one I will never, ever regret starting. Because our healing is our legacy to our children. When I created Harmony Lane, I dreamed of a space where women could come to be held and nurtured. A place where you can feel whole again and feel the loving energy from the moment you step through the door. A place free from all judgment, where you are free to explore your soul, on your own terms. A beautiful place for rest and true relaxation, combined with a magical place of internal healing.

And in 2022, we officially began. Although in my soul, this had been years in the making.

Harmony Lane is a true reflection of me. It's everything I believe in, everything I emboy on my own personal journey, and everything I long to give to others. It's my heart and soul, and it's my gift to you. When you are ready, I am here for you. Much Love, Aimee xx

Sometimes, the very thing you are most afraid of doing is the exact thing that will set you free. 

- Robert Tew

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